The Rise of an Empire

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Work in progress

I am currently, working on this master peice, I will let you know when its ready to be played. Here are some basics about the game. If you need to learn more about the game feel free to ask.

If you are wondering about Dungeon Master, do not worry. I will play the game through him. This is not the traditional way to play D&D, I am open to accepting items, characters, etc, from the players, as long as it’s reasonable, and you bring it up to me before the start of the round so that I can find a place for it in the campaign.

As for as how this game will work, I will explain.

Dungeon Master is my character. He will not be influenced by your characters, or any other in the game. He is there for me to play around with, maybe run a secret mission, really just about whatever I feel like. He will not get in the way of your story line. He will offer advice, assistance depending on the situation, feel free to ask him for anything.

I do not play the game with dice. Why? I started out not playing it that way, I’ve tried, it’s more enjoyable for me if I dont have to take the time to be hella bored while I wait for the “dice” to tell me what happens. Im the Dungeon Master, it should be up to me. I will take your character’s skills, atributes, etc. into mind when deciding what happens.

If you have further questions feel free to ask me.
Also, other than Nico, and Gungeon Master, any character that I create is playable. You will start out where that character is supposed to be incountered, have his/her abilities, etc.
You will not be informed as to where the other players are directly, find clues, etc.


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