Wicked Execution

My axe.

weapon (melee)

Weapon Type – Two-Handed Axe

This wicked axe’s place of origin is unknown.
You can see the souls of the men, women, monsters, creatures that have fallen to it’s relentless slaughtering.

-Feather Weight – The axe is almost weightless.
-Critical Multiplier – The axe has a 50% chance to have a critical hit.
-Dragon Born – Has the ability to tap into DragonBorn’s breath. it has a 25% chance to inflict, lightning, fire, ice, acid, poison as an extra affect.
-Immortally Young – The axe grants endless life at the age of the wielders choice, this agument does not keep you from being killed. It Keeps you from dying of old age/ailments.

The full potential of this weapon has yet to be discovered.

Current Wielder – Dungeon Master
How to obtain – Play the game to find out.


Wicked Execution

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